You have to take three spatial tests from three different authors,
three numerical tests from three different authors and
three verbal tests from three different authors.

IQ difference between maximum and minimum score in each group should be at most 15.
Otherwise, maximum will be replaced with minimum + 15.

You can enter this society with any IQ, but you must have required nine scores.
Your TrueIQ for qualification to this society will be an average A of all 9 scores,
additionally transformed by linear map 1.25 * A - 36.25.

To apply, please send your score reports and links to the norms of the tests to this e-mail.
Each test should have an official norm and the first or the second attempt should be stated on the score report.
Membership costs 20€, and each update is 10€. See payment options.

The list of some favourite tests

Enjoy your struggle!